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As a Financial Life Coach, I teach ambitious millennials of faith creating wealth for the first time how to maximize and increase their income so they can live their dream life. 

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Creating your dream life doesn't always start with the prettiest of beginnings. If you've ever felt like life is a journey that's full of challenges, but void of a roadmap to success, trust me, you're not alone!

I know that feeling all too well. At the age of 17, my family was forced to sell our home, due to threat of foreclosure. Over the next 6 years, I moved locations 4 different times, not sure what to expect next but still determined to recreate a stable life I once enjoyed during childhood. Driven by instincts and my innate financial savvy, I began building my credit at the age of 18, graduated from college with minimal student loan debt, and realized my personal dream when I finally purchased my own home at the age of 25. 

If you have big goals and ambitions for your life too, I want to encourage you that with the proper guidance and the right attitude you too can create your dream life... and I'm here to show you how!

From instability to financially

Hi, I'm Jeneé!

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I'm Jeneé, a Financial and Certified Life Coach helping ambitious 1st generation millennials of faith live their dream life.


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Whether it’s on the job, at her church, in her community, or in business, Jeneé exemplifies leadership and is a testament to the importance of vision, hard work and determination for creating the life you want. Despite her family losing everything at the age of 17, including the money her parents set aside for her and her brothers to go to college, she went on to become the first in her family to graduate from college financing it herself, landed a job for a global Fortune 500 company making her dream salary, and purchased her first home by the age of 25. As a Speaker and Coach, she’s committed to helping dreamers, visionary leaders and trailblazers pursue the life of their dreams so they can enjoy a meaningful and purpose filled life. 

Jeneé graduated with her degree in Accounting from Virginia Commonwealth University and has over 7 years of collective experience working in Accounting, FinanceIT and Operations, including 2 Fortune 500 companies leading IT teams and technical projects. She also has experience consulting with mid to large size firms in the Central Virginia region, working closely with senior leaders to drive operational efficiency through systems and automation, and she serves as the CFO for Eye-lert, a division in a high growth startup based in Richmond, VA.


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True change starts when you learn to

Give Yourself Permission!

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Give Yourself Permission (Leadership/Motivation) is a message about self-qualification, patience, and acquiring the necessary leadership skills to succeed at what you are called to do. In this signature talk, Jeneé shares how to go from "following the rules" to defying the odds and living life on your terms.

Your audience will not only leave inspired, but empowered with a renewed sense of confidence in themselves and actionable steps to help them pursue the life of their dreams.

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"You empower people and make people feel like they can do whatever they are called to do no matter their story. Your voice has just carried me. I have literally felt things being pulled out of me because of what you’ve spoken and the power behind it."

- Ramona Ragland, Communications Consultant

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"Within 6 months...I was able to increase my salary"

"Working with Jenee has been a breath of fresh air. Prior to working with her I really didn't have any financial advisors educate me on my numbers and percentages. I learned that I was paying myself less than I should have based off my businesses total revenue. Within 6 months of working with her I was able to increase my salary and compensate myself properly and very very very comfortably!"

- Cynthia Williams-Bey, CEO (Heaven Sent Child Care)

What Others Are Saying After Working With Jeneé!

"You challenge people to grow and become all they have aspired to be."

"You're able to connect with people in such a way that makes them feel comfortable and cared for. You're understanding and able to provide support in the toughest situations. You challenge people to grow and become all they have aspired to be."

- Blair J., Accountant

What Others Are Saying After Working With Jeneé!

"I leave every conversation refreshed, educated and empowered!"

"Powerhouse! Sweetest spirit! I leave every conversation feeling refreshed, educated and empowered."

-Cierra S., MSW & Social Influencer (Sista Ci Inspires)

What Others Are Saying After Working With Jeneé!

"You are a powerball. You're going to impact so many people."

-Me'chelle McKenney, IT Manager (Cisco)

What Others Are Saying After Working With Jeneé!

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