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Becoming the CEO of Your Life and Finances
Wealth Starts at Work
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About Jeneé

Financially stressed employees are twice as likely to look for another job and are drawn to companies that care about their financial well being. Rising costs in today’s economy is contributing to employee stress, which is negatively impacting their productivity, attendance and emotional well-being, as well as the organization’s bottom line. However, with Lifestyle Money Mapping™, employers have an amazing opportunity to support their employees, reduce turnover and protect their profits by providing financial wellness trainings  and coaching. 

An Accountant by trade and Certified Life Coach, Jeneé developed her proprietary method Lifestyle Money Mapping™ to help individuals who feel like they’re living paycheck to paycheck develop financial resiliency so they can align their finances with the life they want at the job they have. 

Her calming nature, empathetic approach and introspective wisdom as a coach and mentor has been the catalyst for shifting her client’s mindset of what’s possible and bringing them into alignment financially allowing them to see $10k+ pay increases, thousands of dollars in debt paid off and hundreds saved in just a matter of weeks.

Jeneé’s former clients include Thursday Network, The Urban League of Greater Richmond and Virginia State University. Jeneé has also been featured on CBS, The Tandee Salter Show, The New Planner Podcast, in Authority Magazine,, Nasdaq, Yahoo! Finance and Forbes Women.  

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Financial Life Coach

Learning Outcomes

  1. Adopt a Pay Yourself First mindset
  2. Align your finances with the life you want
  3. Develop financial resiliency so you can show up powerfully by being more focused and engaged in your work and your life


Virtual Training (In-Person Available w/ an Add On Fee)